Seloma & TimKealia Beach, Kauai, Hawaii

It isn’t everyday that I get to photograph two of my friends wedding, whom also live on Kauai. I was asked to document their intimate beach ceremony at Kealia Beach, and I could not have been more excited to take in part in their special day. Not only does their dog make it in to some of these shots in celebratory fashion, but their sincere personalities shine through in these images. I hope you enjoy their story below.

Kealia Beach Wedding-1Kealia Beach Wedding-2Kealia Beach Wedding-4Kealia Beach Wedding-5Kealia Beach Wedding-6Kealia Beach Wedding-7Kealia Beach Wedding-8Kealia Beach Wedding-10Kealia Beach Wedding-11Kealia Beach Wedding-12Kealia Beach Wedding-13Kealia Beach Wedding-14Kealia Beach Wedding-15Kealia Beach Wedding-16Kealia Beach Wedding-17Kealia Beach Wedding-18Kealia Beach Wedding-21Kealia Beach Wedding-22Kealia Beach Wedding-23Kealia Beach Wedding-25Kealia Beach Wedding-26Kealia Beach Wedding-27Kealia Beach Wedding-29Kealia Beach Wedding-30Kealia Beach Wedding-32Kealia Beach Wedding-33Kealia Beach Wedding-35Kealia Beach Wedding-36Kealia Beach Wedding-37Kealia Beach Wedding-38Kealia Beach Wedding-39Kealia Beach Wedding-40Kealia Beach Wedding-41Kealia Beach Wedding-42Kealia Beach Wedding-43Kealia Beach Wedding-44Kealia Beach Wedding-45Kealia Beach Wedding-47Kealia Beach Wedding-49Kealia Beach Wedding-50Kealia Beach Wedding-51Kealia Beach Wedding-53Kealia Beach Wedding-54Kealia Beach Wedding-55Kealia Beach Wedding-56Kealia Beach Wedding-57Kealia Beach Wedding-58Kealia Beach Wedding-59Kealia Beach Wedding-60Kealia Beach Wedding-61Kealia Beach Wedding-62Kealia Beach Wedding-63Kealia Beach Wedding-64Kealia Beach Wedding-65Kealia Beach Wedding-66Kealia Beach Wedding-67Kealia Beach Wedding-68Kealia Beach Wedding-69Kealia Beach Wedding-70Kealia Beach Wedding-71Kealia Beach Wedding-72Kealia Beach Wedding-73